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JNCIE Service Provider Bootcamp - JNCIE-SP

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JNCIE Service Provider Bootcamp - JNCIE-SP

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After successfully completing this course, you should:Be better prepared for success in taking the actual JNCIE-SP exam. Be well-versed in exam topics, environment, and conditions.

Day 2Chapter 5: IGP TroubleshootingTroubleshooting Routing Loops in the IGP
Troubleshooting IGP Adjacencies
Lab 4: IS-IS Troubleshooting
Lab 5: OSPF Troubleshooting
Chapter 6: BGP ImplementationBGP Configuration and Implementation
BGP Routing Policy
Lab 6: BGP ImplementationChapter 7: BGP TroubleshootingBGP Troubleshooting
Lab 7: BGP Troubleshooting
Day 3Chapter 8: Multicast ImplementationPIM Sparse Mode Implementation
MSDP Anycast-RP Implementation
Lab 8: Multicast ImplementationChapter 9: Class of Service ImplementationInet-Precedence, DSCP, EXP, and 802.1p Markings
Behavior Aggregate and Multifield Classification
Drop Profiles
Rewrite Rules
Lab 9: Class of Service Implementation and TroubleshootingDay 4Chapter 10: MPLS ImplementationMPLS Implementation
Lab 10: MPLS Implementation and Troubleshooting
Chapter 11: MPLS VPN ImplementationMPLS VPN Implementation
Lab 11: MPLS VPN Implementation and Troubleshooting
Day 5JNCIE Full Lab Simulation
Students should have passed the Juniper Networks Certified Internet Professional�Service Provider (JNCIP-SP) written exam or achieved an equal level of expertise through Education Services courseware and hands-on experience.
Day 1Chapter 1: Course IntroductionChapter 2: Exam StrategiesPreparing for Your Exam
The Testing Environment
State of the Network
Testing Tips
Exam Completion
Chapter 3: Device InfrastructureHigh Availability
Aggregated Ethernet Interfaces
Secure and Monitor Junos Devices
Basic Automation with OP, Event, and Commit Scripts
Lab 1: Implementing Device InfrastructureChapter 4: IGP ImplementationImplementing IS-IS
Implementing OSPF v2 and OSPF v3
Lab 2: IS-IS Implementation
Lab 3: OSPF Implementation
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