Become a Rockstar Training Ambassador

TEACHERS - interested in becoming the Ambassador for your city?

Benefits include:

  • FREE profile for LIFE!
  • Ability to earn $$$ for your referrals
  • Doing your part to spread the joy of ROCK AND ROLL!

To qualify, follow these easy steps:

  1. Sign up and create your profile page on
  2. Like us on Facebook
  3. Contact us (use the form below) about joining the Ambassador program and request your unique promo code
  4. Refer 10 teachers using your unique promo code, offering them 3 months FREE membership!

You will receive a $50 reward and acheive Ambassador Status!

Terms & Conditions

How can you spread the word? It's easy:

  • Share your promo code (giving three months' free membership) with friends, family, and co-workers who want to grow their music instruction business
  • Post your promo code on your Facebook/LinkedIn pages and send messages to Music Instructor contacts
  • Post your promo code on your website, on blogs, or at your studio
  • Send a link to your profile to all your fellow music instructor friends...They’ll DEFINITELY be jealous and want one of their own!


  • 10th Referral: $50
  • 25th Referral: $150
  • 50th Referral: $500

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